Privacy Policy

Online gambling is fun, popular, and beneficial. No wonder that it is one of the favorite virtual entertainments of Australians. On this site, you will find a list of the top casino websites to enjoy. You would like to know that each of these is licensed, safe, and fair. In this article, we uncover the detailed Privacy Policy of the Top-AustralianCasinos website.

We encourage users to examine the Privacy Policy and apply it while gambling. It is critical that you can make the right decisions based on the policies. Everyone should be aware of the data we collect, why we do this, how we use information, and what rights players possess. Go on reading the article to find out about all these things.

What data we collect

Personal data refers to any piece of information about a person. This data helps to identify an individual. Notably, you should distinguish anonymous data from personal one, as it excludes identity details. As with any other similar website, ours collects diverse kinds of user information. We have grouped these for your convenience, and here are these:

  • Identity Data embraces such details as first and last names, username, gender, and birth date.
  • Contact Data — typically, it is your email address.
  • Profile Data — this group of information embraces the following details: password, username, preferences, thread posts, interests, and also private messages.
  • Technical Data comprises the user’s login information, IP address, location, browser version, time zone, browser type, OS, and the platform you use.
  • Communications & Marketing Data — this information group includes one’s preferences regarding communications and marketing to share something interesting with you.
  • Usage Information presupposes data on how people use the site.

How we use collected user data

First and foremost, personal data usage is only possible when it matches up with the law. Otherwise, it is illegal. All in all, we can use players’ personal data under such circumstances:

If it is critical for maintenance of your legal rights and interests, as well as our interests.

When we need it for the marketing communications sent by email, consider that we, from our side, are obliged to obtain the user’s consent first, and only then can we process personal information. Besides, you should know that you can withdraw the consent any time you want. For this, contact us, please.

We also need user data for our own reasons:

  • To provide our client with proper services.
  • To maintain quality communication with you, respond to users fast, send newsletters, and inform the latest updates when some questions or misunderstandings happen.
  • To keep troubleshooting on the corresponding level.
  • To boost and upgrade our website and business in general.
  • Ensure that you get all the valuable data regarding your membership.

Finally, we may need (and use) non-personal information for analytics:

  • For carrying out anonymous analytics: this helps us customize and enhance our website according to your interests, preferences, and needs.
  • For internal testing of our systems and the website to introduce better quality.

Why is it essential for us to collect data?

To sum it up, we gather all the necessary data for the following reasons:

  • Create an atmosphere of full support for the users.
  • Level up the user experience.
  • We can identify and cope with all possible security hazards faster and better.
  • Make sure that no user experiences abuse on the website.

Cookie Policy

Some people may have a vague understanding of what cookies are. These represent small textual files saved either on your computer’s and mobile device’s hard drive or browser every time you visit this or that app and website. The purpose of these files is to, eventually, amend one’s user experience as much as possible.

Keep in mind that you must agree with the Cookies storage policy of our website if you visit the site and our services. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to view the website’s pages without saving cookies. However, it means that you might not have an excellent navigation experience, and some of the website parts will not work the way they should.

Here is how you can deny cookies: go to your browser’s settings and find the deactivate option. Do not forget that you can also delete some or all the stored cookies any time you wish using a corresponding option in the Clear browsing data section. Yet, we want to focus on the importance of the cookies — these add to the functionality quality of our website.

Furthermore, you should be aware that third-party cookies are also stored. Some other websites can use these as well. One of such websites is Web analytics tools. See more on this policy below:

  • Google Analytics — the Google company applies cookies. These are vital for us, as we can learn a lot about the user’s behavior, how they act on our website, which pages are the most visitable, how much time they spend on pages, etc.
  • Getsitecontrol — the Getsitecontrol applies cookies. Such text files include widgets’ data and some information on people who visit the site. We apply these to accelerate our widget targeting.
  • Hotjar — the Hotjar company applies cookies. These focus on non-personal data. Thus, we can use the information to improve the overall user experience, study trends, and analyze technical issues (if there are such).

For how long do we save user’s personal data?

The Top-AustralianCasinos website cares about your legal rights and privacy. If you feel that some of the policy’s statements are ambivalent or questionable, we are open to your ideas and suggestions. You can contact us regarding the Privacy Policy content, even if you are not sure about the correctness of your claim. It is always better to double-check.

As for the time we keep your information, you should understand that we follow our retention policy. If you need it — contact us to get it. The retention time significantly depends on potential safety risks such as data disclosure or unauthorized use. Also, we consider the scope, sensitivity, and type of personal data we have already collected.


Security is, perhaps, among the most critical aspects the users appreciate. The website visitors share sensitive data and must be confident as for their privacy and safety. From our side, we tend to use advanced technologies, robust tools, and competent personnel to ensure users’ protection.

Yet, even the top-notch security measures we use cannot wholly exclude all risks. It is possible that non-authorized users can see your information, and, indeed, we cannot be responsible for any kind of third-party circumvention. We are undoubtedly dedicated to your privacy protection and do all possible to strengthen a number of privacy settings, technological novelties, etc.

We recommend that you, from your side, should be attentive towards your security. It means that users should take specific preventative measures in terms of confidentiality. For example, produce solid passwords and change these from time to time, inform us in case of some suspicious actions on your account. Your security comes from both ways: ours and yours.

Your legal rights

Any user has several legitimate rights he or she should be aware of. You must know all these for the sake of your confidentiality, safety, and excellent experience on our website. Below, you can see all the user legal rights:

Access request

All the users can request access to their personal information. It allows them to check whether the information is being processed according to the law and get the private data copy.

Correction request

You can request a correction to change some of the personal details that we have already had. In such a way, users can either change some details or complete the missing ones whenever they want. At the same time, you should know that we may ask you to verify the alterations.

Erasure request

It is also possible to erase your data via the corresponding request. If a user wants to remove details that are not critical for us and their further procession, you can ask us to do this. If you can legally prove that there is no necessity to process certain information or misuse it, you can also contact us and request data removal. Notably, you should go by the local law. Consider that we will carefully examine every request to make sure that everything follows the rules. Therefore, you should understand if we object to your request. Be calm, however, as for the fairness from our side.

Procession objection

There is a way to object to data processing. You can do it if we (or third parties) comply with the local legislation; however, you still need to stop information processing in some exceptional situations. For example, when it affects your fundamental freedom or rights. Besides, every user can ask us to stop data processing when using information for marketing reasons. Note that there are some circumstances under which we can override users’ freedoms and rights based on legislation.

Processing restriction request.

You can also request the restriction of personal information. Thus, there are several scenarios in which you can create the request:

  • When we use and process your data unlawfully, however, you are not willing to erase it.
  • When you feel that we must add some changes to improve data’s accuracy.
  • When you have already created the processing objection request, but we still need it to check whether we get around a law while using it.
  • When you need your personal details for legal claims defense or establishment, and we do not even need it anymore — you can contact us to hold the information.

Withdrawal consent

There is an opportunity to request withdrawal consent any time you want. This right deals with the information we are using based on your consent. Keep in mind that this does not affect the legality of the previous processing operations. Also, withdrawal consent presupposes your inability to use some of our services.

Transfer request

Users can ask us to transfer their personal data to third parties or themselves. We will prepare all the details in the machine-readable and structured format. Consider that users can request only the automated information you give us and allow us to use it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time you want to apply any of the listed user rights.

Privacy policy changes

Top-AustralianCasinos has the right to change any part of the Privacy Policy within time. It deals with the legislation changes, new laws, and our systems’ updates or alterations. You can be sure that we will add all the updates on this page instantly. Therefore, users should check the policy from time to time to ensure that they follow it and do not override their legitimate interests. At the same time, we, at our discretion, can send the renewed Privacy Policy to keep our users updated via emails.

Protection of minors

The services we provide on our website are not designed for individuals under the age of eighteen. Website users who provide their data must be either 18 or 18+ years old. In the situations when we learn that the user is below the required age, we will take corresponding measures to reassure that the information is deleted and no longer available.

If you are an adult and your child (under 18 years old) uses the website, you must immediately contact Top-AustraliaCasinos. This also applies to legal guardians. We will reply soon to specify all the details and take measures to delete the account and juvenile’s data. If we, ourselves, find out that the user’s age is below 18, we reserve the right to discard any personal details and even remove the account.

Questions and/or complaints

Naturally, you may want to specify some points of our website’s Privacy Policy page, delete information, or, perhaps, some of the statements raise questions. In such cases, you are free to contact us and ask questions about the policy’s content. To do this, you will need to use either a message or an email, and our support managers will help you handle the issue.